Thursday, February 14, 2013


It seemed like forever since our PTA Fiber group has meet....but it was only a month!  You'd have never known it with the constant'd think we hadn't seen each other for a year.

 Mary B. brought this adorable quilt to share that she made a number of years ago.  She had the most clever 'cow puns' story to go along with it.
 I'm truly a sucker for bovine themed quilts....isn't this great??
 Georgia Bonesteel has been a busy gal lately.....she had numerous pieces to share.  I'm afraid none of my photos do justice.  This piece was so colorful and happy.
 This top will be quilted was made for her grandson, depicting a fishing trip with his father.  It was made to replace another quilt she made that was destroyed when her son's house burned down.  Thankfully, the family was out of town when it happened, but you can imagine how many memories were lost.
 This tumbling block star quilt was colors, complex piecing.....fabulous.
 Gen brought this clever folded box that was made by a friend, adorned with zentangle designs.
 She also knit these gloves.....apparently many followers of Downton Abby (or whatever the series that everyone is so crazy about is called) are doing 'mystery knitting projects'.  Gen's a wiz at knitting.....well...Gen's a wiz at everything!!
 Silly PTAer's mugging for the camera.....our Valentine cupcake desserts were decorated with big red plastic rings.....however I suggested they'd look better if worn in the mouth....and Barbara, Mary, & Linda easily complied.  

Gotta love these fun lovin' gals.....

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Robbie said...

Can't beat fiber friends! Or friends in general, can you!