Friday, December 9, 2011


It might be a busy time of the year but PTA members aren't idle!

 Lynne has been having fun dyeing pin whale cordoroy that she'll sew into pants. She found it easier to find the colors she likes to wear by dyeing them herself.....clever!

 Georgia Bonesteel is still crazy about her chickens......a fun hobby she started about a year ago.  This quilt will be her entry into our exhibit "Inspired By" which will premier in Feb. at the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton Roads, VA.

 She also completed a HUGE quilt.......and quilted it on her Bernina home sewing machine!

 This wording was on the fabric.....we don't know what it says but love that she included it.

 Kate has the top of her "Inspired By" piece finished too......sorry I can't recall the name of her artist......though I's a stunning piece.

 We got Kate to model this fur trimmed vintage wool coat.  Judy brought it to share.....apparently young adults are having theme parties where they bring & exchange vintage clothing.

 This is Barbara's "Inspired By" piece.....again if you will be attending the MidAtlantic sure to seek out our exhibit.....13 artists have created work that were inspired by 13 famous artists.

Jack of all trades - Gen - made this sparkly's embellished with sequins....and was deliciously soft and cozy.

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