Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Can this be happening again??   

 Well...darn it all.......after the spray basting glob momentarily discombobulated my design efforts, I was SUPER careful on this next step.  Apparently, not careful enough though.  Before a Cabochon can be beaded, it needs to be temporarily held in place.  I do that with several dots of glue.  

I said 'dots'......tiny dots to avoid the glue from spreading once the stone is positioned on the fabric.  Gulp....  Another design opportunity is ahead.

The yellow square rescued the first mistake and a wider beading pattern is now covering the excess glue.  This cabochon is going nowhere, it's secured soooo well.

Now let's see what else can happen....oh...perhaps I'll cut a hole in the fabric....let's hope not.  

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