Tuesday, December 27, 2011


For me, creating isn't a race, nor do I compete in shows any longer either.  Instead, inspiration spurs me, whether that comes from an amethyst cabochon, a piece of hand-dyed wool, the design of a screen printed fabric, an object from nature, or whatever.......

Do you keep track of the number of quilts you've made?  I've never counted them because for me it's the process and the results that matter, not the volume.

We all view this creative past time so differently which is why it's so easy to become passionate.  Each of us can fit it into however we live our lives! 

So as we are nearing the close of 2011, I too have added the last stitch to what will be my final work of this year.  I have stacks of materials, several other projects in process, and lots of ideas to kick off 2012.  Don't YOU??

 AMETHYST 8.5" x 8"
Hand painted cotton, silk, scrim, hand embroidered, featuring
an amethyst cabochon and beadwork.

Available for purchase here


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