Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"The husband" volunteers one day a week for Sarge's, our local animal rescue foundation......I'm guessing no matter where you are reading this.....there's an organization nearby that is working hard to save as many animals as possible too.

Our no kill group is very active....and VERY needed in our area where there is a definite excess of stray dogs.

 "The husband" visits the county animal shelter and takes the dogs into the outside play area to take their portraits.  He then puts data about each pet on Sarge's website in the hopes of getting every one adopted.

This little guy was less than a year old and isn't allowed outside yet......so play time and photo taking is done indoors.....

Perhaps someone in your family would love to give a pet a home for Christmas??


Robbie said...

That's so NICE your hubby volunteers with the rescue. My heart just goes out to these poor souls. Have you seen Karen STIEHL OSBORN's blog? She's selling ATC's from artists for their rescue. She does amazing work and fostering of animals. check it out!

And congrats to your Packers!!!

KQ Sue said...

Took a peek at the website, Tucker is a cutey! I am sure he will find a home, for Christmas. We already have 3 fur babies, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Cat is ruler of all!