Saturday, July 11, 2009


The monthly meeting of PTA (the fabulous small fiber group I'm lucky enough to belong to) was held this week.......I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I am at the accomplishments of our members.

We congratulated two members with rhinestone crowns.....that sparkled with the aid of a small battery....really cool....and 'jewels' in the form of tacky plastic heart bracelets. Connie Brown, on the left, has just earned her American Quilters Society Appraiser Certificate after years of study and hard work. On the right, Barbara Swinea is also doing her queenly wave. Barbara's quilt "Bamboo at Dawn" earned a 2nd Place Ribbon at the AQS show in Paducah.
We are thrilled for both of you and glad you are one of us!!

Barbara has mastered creating stunning quilts with pieced backgrounds. Here is her newest.

Connie.....doing her queenly wave is one of our more adventurous members......she's wading in a mountain stream at the home of our host, Dort Lee.

Connie 's quilt Retro Rick Rack was another feast for the eye.......the wide rick rack provides texture while setting off the circular motifs in an unexpected manner.

Our host, Dort Lee lives wayyyy off the beaten's vehicle has to forge a creek on the approach to their 52 acres. After 2+ years of drought here in Western North's now OVER..... A recent downpour set off a mudslide on their property which caused a lot of damage to their road and land. You can see where the water roared down the mountain side....pulling trees over in its path.

Some of the trees got tangled and made a small dam....which caused even more trouble.

Mud and debris crashed down into their pond....filling it to the top as it displaced the water. They are still working on the repairs. For those of us who've never seen such damage, this was a real eye opener.

To be continued......

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