Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm heading out to my home state of Wisconsin, to teach for Wisconsin Quilters , their state quarterly meeting will be held in Madison, WI.....a mere 45 mins. from our recent homestead in Brodhead, WI.

I'll be looking forlornly at all of the Culver's restaurants until (hopefully) there will be a chance for me to consume more calories than is sensible in one sitting feasting on their Chocolate Concrete Malt. (1,259 calories....oh my!)

Students will be making this bead embellished wool-felt scissors sheath. It's a great introduction to working with wool-felt and some eye-catching beading techniques.

My lecture is titled: Wool Collage - What's Old Is New Again! It provides lots of practical information about how to work with wool-felt, creating both traditional 'penny-rug' style wall quilts and contemporary designs as well. Here are two examples of my designs.

This subject is fully covered in my most recent book "Embellishing With Felted Wool" which can be ordered here. If you prefer to be billed with Pay me using the link on the upper right side bar of this blog.

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