Thursday, July 9, 2009


'The husband' loves BBQ.....especially the way ribs are prepared in the part of the country. I on the other hand, am not much of a meat I had yet to experience 12 Bones, the well-known Asheville eatery. We were out and about yesterday and stopped for a late lunch/dinner...actually the portions are so huge it could be two days worth of food.

The place (seriously) looks like a gas station, not a restaurant. Their hours are quite limited.....basically open only for lunch.....till late afternoon and closed on Saturday and Sunday.
But, oh my do they put out the food with a crowd of cooks, servers, bus boys.....astonishing. It's common to see a line out the door.

Their specialty of course is BBQ ribs, but they also serve pulled pork, smoked turkey etc. The kitchen area is open to the counter where they efficiently take your order. The basics of silverware, beverages, sauces etc. are self-serve as in most fast food establishments.

No, this isn't your typical I said it looks like a gas station. There are some tiny, crowded tables inside, but the bulk of the seating is picnic tables under what looks like a metal car port.

You are given a number after ordering and servers run around while searching for your number as they delivery orders amazingly fast. The food is presented in what look like pie tins....a half of slab of ribs with 2 sides.....a soft drink and all the BBQ sauce you can serve yourself from a station of huge pump dispensers. 'The husband' is armed and ready to dig I asked him to pause a second for this photo!

So we are sitting there.....and 'the husband' says to "Mouse".....(I'm known by this silly childhood name to family......never Mary....always Mouse). He said......turn around subtle (not something that comes easy to me).......look who is sitting behind you.
Even if I hadn't recognized the face.....I'd have still known him by his voice......though he was speaking normally, not scream talking as he usually does.

Can you identify this man? Post a comment if you do......I'll reveal who he is and why he was eating at 12 Bones tomorrow.......

This close up of his ring, may or may not help.....seriously with the exception of my friend Nanette, who reads my blog.....I'd be surprised if you to know who he is until I identify him.


Nanette said...

I know...I know!!! Shall I tell everyone? How did you know I would know? I can hear him now. Hoohya!

Mary Stori said...

I can confirm....Nanette definitely knows who this fellow is......anybody else?

I'll reveal his name and credentials tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing John Madden!

Anonymous said...

"OK you maggots----drop down & give me 20!" The tough drill sarge on TV---can't remember his name, though....

Paulette in VA

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Someone who played for the Packers?

Anonymous said...

Don't want to spoil anything...initials LE?
Gwen O.

Anita said...

That's a military ring by the chevrons on the side, but no clue other than that.