Monday, July 27, 2009


Here's some more eye candy from the AQS show......the winners are posted here.

Today I've concentrated on a few photos from two of the special exhibits.

A South Carolina group organized a creative challenge to bring awareness of breast cancer by decorating bras. It was great fun seeing all their clever ideas.

Nursing Bra - Anne Duncan

This sewing related theme was made by Jackie Price.

The 'green/red' quilt display was are three examples......unfortunately the signage was too far away to enable me to credit the makers names....... hope you will enjoy their efforts.


KQ Sue said...

Loved the AQS Knoxville Show. Loved the Laughter quilts. My friend "Sue" and I had a great 4 days there.

KQ Sue said...

OH, and the bra quilts, toooo funny!