Sunday, July 5, 2009


We spent an enjoyable 4th of July.....first doing a bit of hiking.....and unsettled later when I realized 2 wood ticks found a new home on me!

Later we headed off to a juried craft show in Cullowhee, NC....about 50 mins. West of us. Over 100 mountain area artists were represented and we did our part to help the economy grow.

I've mentioned before how I'm drawn to re-purposed items...... This charming creature had to come home with us. The body is some sort of very heavy mechanical chain. There were numerous other meal sculptures we would gladly add to our gardens. They are made by the talented team of Jimmy and Marlene Hopkins at: Creative Creations.

Of course when we got home we spent way toooo much time arranging it next to our metal chicken on our covered front porch.

This was the final display....I'm sure it will scare the pants off our UPS delivery man on his next visit!

'The husband' is good for about 30+ mins. of strolling thru craft booths.....heck about 30+ mins. of any kind of shopping unless it's at places such as Home Depot! Which is why we got back to Waynesville, NC a tad earlier than his favorite BBQ restaurant would open. So, we decided to check out what was happening in our charming downtown which features many shops and galleries.

I'm allergic to metal.....have always had 'sensitive' skin, but it has reached the point I can't even wear a watch if any metal touches me. My search for non-metal watches has gone on for years. I had a wonderful collection of 'theme' plastic (mostly kids watches), my favorite being a colorful Jimmy Buffet Cheeseburger In Paradise watch, where the watch face was hidden beneath a hamburger bun. The big problem with this type of watch is that they don't have a stem to change the time....rather one uses the 'push pin' system. Because of my busy travel schedule.....and the necessity of having to actually know what time it is in various time zones....they don't last long.

Okay, okay....I'm getting to the point......I don't go into jewelry stores for obvious reasons....can't wear it....what's the point of looking! But, as we were window shopping, I noticed several wooden watches on display.'s perfect.

The watch is made my Tense, a company founded in 1971 in British Columbia. Check out their website here.

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