Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm finished with my small commission piece that I posted about June 29th. The machine quilting was somewhat frustrating.....but I now have some clues about how to make it easier the next time.

My machine is located in a cabinet where a plastic insert is placed level with the table top. Well......the insert has a bubbled/textured surface....why? Who knows.....but I now know that trying to smoothly move the quilt over the surface is impossible when free-motion quilting. So, that will be replaced. Secondly, 'the husband' has now cut out an opening in the front of my darning foot so I can see better....frankly, I'd like an opening in the back too!

Because I really enjoy handwork, I'm not planning on lots of machine free-motion quilting....but for those projects that are appropriate....I'll now have a better chance of improving my stitches!

41"w x 31"l


Gwendie said...

I have to say it. I can't help myself. I love the name of the piece! I really love the piece but the name makes it even more special. Is it going to someone here in OR?

Mary Stori said...

To answer Gwendie's question....yes, the quilt is headed to Oregon.

Windy Hills Happenings said...

I love your new's a happy piece!