Sunday, June 14, 2009


My last few posts are so self serving....really....I don't know why anyone is still reading my blog! But in case you still's the latest on my missing bag.

Nah.....I can't go into all the head will explode due to sheer frustration over the stupidity, incompetence, and just plain laziness of both USAirways and United employees. What ever happened to pride in doing a good job?

I wish I could report the persons who left my bag unattended!!'s not here....

Well, I can guarantee I had to move heaven and earth to get people from passing the buck rather then going out and LOOKING for my bag. I almost considered giving a good belt strapping to some of them. hero!! Now after being well into the 3rd day w/o my bags and literally hours on the phone I realized the only way my bag was coming direct to Eugene, OR from Denver (where I guessed it had been sitting) was on the first of only 2 flights into Eugene today. So we went out to the airport to see what comes off that plane. The United agents swore it was impossible that my bag would be on it because United had NOT been given the bag from wasn't scanned into their system, therefore they were positive they didn't have it.

But......oh my.......wrong was on the plane after all......

Fat lot of good all this 'rushing' for an expedited bag did........but......finally I have clean undies and another lesson in learning to be a personal advocate and in my quest to be less stressed.

Good night all.......sweet dreams......

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