Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Now that my air travel has been completed, and my bag got delivered to my house yesterday afternoon, I'm looking forward to my next trip to Tennessee Quilt Fest, July 16-18th. I'll be teaching 3 workshops and a noon lecture on on the above link to register.

Last night I attended the monthly Asheville Quilt Guild meeting. Anita Heady, our speaker shared her numerous and innovative methods of creating string quilts.

Many of her samples were unquilted, which allowed members to examine the stabilizing technique she uses. As you can see, the designs vary far beyond what we typically think of string quilts.

So....what's this? Would you believe this fashion blunder by a nationally known instructor who happen to be sitting next to me. We struggled to keep our giggling under control when she first noticed her mismatched socks!! To keep her embarrassment to a minimum, I'll keep her name to myself...... We quilters can be so focused on our quilts.....that other daily ho-hum tasks become secondary......I'm still grinning....

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