Monday, April 6, 2009


For some reason I can't get any photos to upload today on I'll share some really funny birthday card greetings I received.  

"We're getting  to the age where your secrets are safe with your friends......because they can't remember them either."

"I made sure I didn't get your a funny card for your birthday.   I know how easily people your age pee their pants."

My birthday meals consisted of a huge Uno's Chicago style deep dish pizza (I'm finally getting very close in my quest to duplicate one of my favorite foods.)  Rather than a cake.....I opted to make a pecan pie instead.  Fortunately, friends joined us at our home for dinner and I sent the left-over pie home with them....otherwise I know I'd have had a piece for breakfast!


Stitchwhiz said...

My favorite feminist greeting: "You're not over the hill until you're over the pill."

Julie Bagamary said...

Happy Birthday Mary!