Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A huge bonus for traveling teachers is the immediate gift of friendship quilters offer to each other.  Here's a few examples....

Kirsten Weiss presented me with a pair of her handmade felted wool mittens the day after I arrived back in Wisconsin.....just in time for the near blizzard on Sunday.  She created these from a wool sweater she'd felted.  Isn't this just the best?, love, love them.  Thank you Kirsten....and if you read this.....maybe you could share the name of the pattern?

My friend and fellow quilt instructor Ann Fahl met me for dinner one night and presented me with one of her new pins.  She's known for her incredible machine stitching skills and her love of flowers....cone flowers can be found on many of her quilts.  

And Diane Leighton sent her guild pin along when she returned one of my Fairfield Fashion Show garments that her guild, The Valley Quilt Guild borrowed to display at their recent (26th!!!!) annual quilt show.

I'll bet many of you have piles of show and guild pins about sharing how you display them with readers of this blog by posting a comment.  I know I'd love to hear about your creativity.

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