Friday, April 3, 2009


Our spring is slow coming this year.....but finally with some well needed rain...the mountain is coming alive with blooming trees and plants.

On the drive to pick up some friends last night who joined us for dinner and music....we came across this wonderful splash of color.  In my effort to get a full view of it all.....through the car's windshield.....I'm afraid you can't appreciate the brightness and head turning yellow.....but since most of you are quilters......close your eyes and imagine!

We went to the Fiddlin' Pig in Asheville.  A BBQ restaurant that features Southern food and good Bluegrass music.  Our favorite local group, Balsam Range neck was sore from bobbing my head all evening.  They play like the wind and sing like angels......

How about this come on..... BBQ Nachoes?  What really made me giggle was the Deviled Eggs on Fried time I'm going to try that.  I'm not a fan of BBQ so I'm betting this would be a nice meal for me instead.

I am a HUGE fan of hot and this vinegar based sauce was right up my alley and was delicious on the bowl of chili I had.  

If you haven't been to this for my upcoming announcement.....I'll be hosting a land tour in early August 2010.  Info and a link to sign up will be provided as soon as all the 'i's' are dotted.


Anita said...

Okay, here's a stupid question... what's a land tour?

Mary Stori said...

Hey....this is a stupid free zone.....all questions are welcome.... A land tour means we travel from place to place on the ground instead of on cruise ships or planes which were the type of quilting tours I've hosted for the last 10 years. We will be exploring all that the Blue Ridge Mountain area has to offer in the way of quilting, arts, food, historical locations.