Thursday, April 16, 2009


I guess because I've concentrated on small bead embellished wool quilts for so long......I'd forgotten the struggles that can pop up when creating other types of work.'s those struggles that take us out of our comfort zone.....moving us along new paths to discover exciting alternative directions.

A simple phrase was the inspiration for this piece. Though my initial idea to hang the Mexican fesita flags from a string (as they would be in their typical setting) didn't work due to the shortage of the central wholecloth piece of fabric........I was able to overcome the difficulty of making flags that now hang freely, attached with a bead at the top on either side.

$350 (includes shipping)
••• update....this quilt was sold in April 2010

I envisioned beads as salt on the rim of a glass the moment I read the little quip.

Fabric (folded paper-cut style) fesita flags.....hand dyed cotton backed with silk.

The final touch......a simple beaded edging treatment......


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I LOVE it Mary.
It's perfect.
I think you must have made it for my FL house!

Carol Sloan said...

wonderful! I love the bright colors. It was a lot of fun to "watch" yur design process on this quilt. See ya soon!

Windy Hills Happenings said... this new the color, the words..and of course the wonderful beading...such a happy piece. Judy