Saturday, April 4, 2009


If you ever get an opportunity to travel near Golden, CO (a suburb of Denver), jump at the chance to visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.  In fact, visit their website to learn about their quilt collection and ongoing exhibits.

Saturday, April 18th, a live silent auction will be held to benefit the museum....more info can be found on their website.  I've donated a beaded quilt that I designed for one of the many Doreen Speckmann's Quilting Cruises that I taught on.  This one was for Doreen's last cruise in June 1999, she passed away in Sept. of that year.

It's called Totem Art.....notice the prominent cow motif....we both loved cows.  The top of a totem pole often features designs which are said to be the protectors of the spirits.....I used Doreen's favorite quilt templates which she named Peaky & Spike.

I hope it will find a happy new home and raise a bunch of money for the museum.......

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