Friday, February 8, 2008


This ladder was made from Wisconsin barn wood.  It has wide 'shelves' that hold small baskets perfectly.  What's in the baskets??  Important stuff of course, like misc. pressing sprays, teflon press sheets, muslin press cloths, and tubes of iron cleaners.  Other baskets store all sorts of glues, chalk & soap making tools, sewing machine oils etc.  I like that they are easily accessible, and yet not visible.

Knife blocks work great to store and protect scissors.  I have several that sit on top of a large covered wicker basket, which is beneath my cutting table.  The basket was a great solution to hold packages of bulky quilt batting.

I'm a sucker for wooden boxes and containers of any sort (and wouldn't want to admit how many clutter up our house!)  This iron handled one was probably a tool chest.  It has divided compartments and is so handy to organize marking tools, small rulers, and rotary cutting tools.

In a large walk in closet, located in our guest room, only steps away from my studio, is where you'll find the real mess.  Pictured is about half of my bead stash.  I organize them in embroidery floss containers....using only those with permanent dividers to prevent the beads from wandering under the plastic dividers and joining another color or style group!  In theory, they are grouped by style.  For instance, I have about 5 boxes that hold nothing but bugle beads, yet they are further stored by color as well.  The boxes on the floor contain kilos of beads that are purchased in this bulk form to make kits for my workshops.

Not shown, but can be imagined:   The closet also contains all my fashion show garments (well, the one's I haven't yet sold....I take several pieces with me each trip...I want them to find loving homes.)  Filing cabinets for all the paperwork from years of teaching, 7 books and a DVD. There's a special section of shelving that holds the materials for my workshops, each class in its own space.  That makes it more efficient to pack for a trip. My MANY suitcases are also stored in this walk in closet, but when my trips are close together, the most I can manage is to unpack them on the floor of our guest room and begin repacking almost immediately.  Not a pretty sight, but it works.

I'm headed for CA tomorrow and hope to have adequate internet connections so I can post....surely I'll find something that will interest you.....  Maybe photos of the beautiful colors my wrists now display. 

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