Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm alive and well, but wasn't able to post as I traveled due to uncooperative internet hotel connections.  The CA guilds were great hosts and I'll be posting photos soon.

Since my airport shuttle was picking me up at 4:00 AM on Thurs. morning.....I got up at 3:00. At 3:30 AM I got a call from United, informing me the 2nd of my 4 flights for the day was canceled.....Denver to Chicago.  So, they rerouted me from Burbank to SFO, to Chicago, to Charlotte, to Asheville.  I'll stop here with the drama involved in getting home because it was what it was and I'm pooped.

The photo is a view of where my luggage should be.....on the floor of our guest I unpack.  See any luggage??  Neither do I.....grrrr!

Stay tuned......will chat tomorrow.

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Anonymous said... horrible...I know the feeling. But 4 flights to get home...what a hopscotch. I know it took 2 flights for me to get to Asheville. If you are ever stranded in Chicago...ring me.