Sunday, February 17, 2008


Almost every quilt I make features a theme or specific subject.  Holstein cows have been a long time favorite.  As the process of reducing my inventory of original work continues, here's some quilts looking for good homes.  If you have one, email me.

BUT.....WHAT IS THIS???  Where are the spots?   It's an "oreo-cookie cow"......  Actually, it's a Dutch-belted dairy cow grazing not far from our home.  She must be embarrassed!!


"Frieda In Flight" is a bovine kite, made for the 1989 AQS "Go Fly A Kite" challenge.  It was my first original piece.  Here's what I learned:  The best thing about creating your own designs is that no one knows what they are 'supposed' to look like, so you can say, it's just what I planned! 

"Eat More Chicken" was made for an embellishment article I wrote for Quilting Today Magazine.  The spots are's super easy to applique since the edges don't need to be turned and your thread is virtually invisible as it sinks into this very forgiving fabric. 

"A Day At The Beach With The Girls", is a highly embellished applique quilt.......and the girls, are Holstein cows.

Detail - featuring a Bovine Bar & Grill a 65 pound concrete calf......who loves the Green Bay Packers as much as we do.  Cute, isn't she??  

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