Thursday, February 7, 2008


With the help of some serious pain meds., I've bumbled through my week.  My wrist has graduated from ice packs to ace bandages, and my fingers now work enough to do limited tasks. I'm still wondering how I'll manage the 4 bags that need to be hauled with me as I fly out of here on Sat. to present classes and lectures at the San Fernando Valley and Camarillo Quilter's Guilds in CA.  I guess I'll just have to look pitiful and hope someone comes to my rescue!

Since I can't sew, my studio is pretty I thought you might like a peek.  The first photo is an overview of my loft space.  It's measures 14' wide x 32' long and overlooks our great room.

After having to replace the wallboard in our previous house when we removed my large design wall, I decided to make this one using a free standing office panel divider.  (left)  I had hoped fabric would stick to it well enough without having to cover it, I layered it with batting and flannel.  If I decide to rearrange the room, this piece can easily be relocated.

Our wood tongue and grove ceiling makes the room quite dark.  It's also very tall, over 15' at the point above my cutting table. only had one electric access for me to add extra lighting.  After enormous research by 'the husband', we found this commercial lighting track system, often used in galleries.  The track hangs from almost invisible wires, except at the point where the electric is connected.  The lights slide on the track so I can adjust as needed.  It still is a tad shadowy but doable. 

Here's my 'office corner' that contains my desk, computer, printers, scanner, photocopier, files....all the stuff I need to run the business part of my life.  The window has a wonderful view of the forested mountain.  The great room's stone fireplace is 27' tall;  the backside is visible in my studio as well.

I've collected antique furniture ever since we got married.  This oak library card file cabinet was a Christmas gift from 'the husband' several years ago.  I use it to store thread, zippers, snaps, pins, etc.  The two drawer chest on top came from my dad had it in the basement where he stored nuts and bolts.  It's labeled 'Crowely Needles', and now used for decorative threads.

I have a large closet just off the studio where I keep all my fabrics.  Clearly, the weight is a bit too heavy for the bottom shelf......rearranging is on my 'to-do' list.

It's time to sign fingers are sore.  Check in with me again, in my next post I'll be sharing some of the unusual methods I use to store my sewing equipment/tools.  Maybe some of the ideas will translate to your space too.


Janet said...

Hi Again Mary: Had resigned myself to never seeing another little two drawer chest like mine - and mine does not have "Crowley's Needles" on it - nada - zilch - so I wasn't able to trace it, but it was seperated at birth from yours - serendipity. Take care and heal well

Jackie said...

Studio needs more cow stuff.....glad you are doing will have lots of "help" and people love to volunteer to lug stuff! Stiff upper lip and carry on, girlfriend!

Mrs. Mel said...

What a HUGGGEEEE SPACE! I am so impressed. My whole house could fit in your studio. But it looks beautful with your stuff so neatly arranged.
Good luck with the luggage.