Sunday, February 24, 2008


Western North Carolina is famous for it's down home bluegrass music.....happy music as I call it.  'The husband' has been a fan forever and converted me.  Friday and Saturday we attended the 13th annual Bluegrass - First Class festival, in nearby Asheville.  10 hours each day of almost non-stop shows. Due to very limited seating, (800 tickets) the venue is wonderfully intimate.  We didn't roll into bed last night until after 1:00 AM, ears buzzing.....unheard of for us!

The entire hotel is filled with talented attendees......pickin' and a grinin'  in small impromptu 'jam' sessions in every available space.  Playing goes on in hotel rooms most of the night.....doors are left open and anyone with an instrument can join in.  

Of course I was on the look out for fashion guidelines.  How about these snake skin boots? Cowboy boots are most often associated with country and western performers, though not unheard of for Bluegrass musicians.

The highlight of Saturday's venue was Doc Watson....VERY famous.  He's nearly 85, and has been blind since early childhood.  He was given a standing ovation upon entering for his first set. I'm sure my goose pimples weren't alone, as the room then hushed to a stillness, where you could hear a pin drop.  We all sat quietly watching them do their sound checks before playing, that's how much reverence the audience had for him.

I don't think I'll do too much complaining about how much I have to haul around on my trips.  This group flew in on a red-eye..... imagine gate checking this carry on!?!

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