Saturday, February 16, 2008


My luggage arrived late yesterday......big sigh of relief! 

The San Fernando Valley and Camarillo Quilter's Guilds really know how to show a gal a good time!  Their hospitality was incredibly wonderful, thank you!!  I appreciated all the effort each of the many unselfish volunteers provided.

We have beautiful scenery in Western North Carolina, but there are some drawbacks to living in the mountains.  The lack of shopping centers for one.  CA always seems to be over the top in that department.  A new shopping center I visited with Susan in Simi Valley was about this reflective pond to calm the nerves of any heavy duty shopper!

What fun....there were several water spouts for kids to cool off.

The Camarillo Guild, near the ocean, is also home to glorious produce.  These strawberry fields went as far as the eye could see in some areas. 

Yummm!  Carol, my escort one afternoon stopped at one of her favorite road side stands where we nibbled on some of these HUGE strawberries.   The next day I was treated with more - hand dipped in chocolate by Carol.  Along with macaroons too....I LOVE coconut.


A walk along the sandy beach was the perfect place to see the sun set.......all in all, I wanted to take every one of these very generous new friends home with me.

Despite airline woes, traveling the quilting highway sure has it's benefits!!  

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