Wednesday, June 3, 2020


It's so gratifying to read your flattering comments, but I want to assure projects are half about creativity and half about determination!  (With a good dose of inspiration added to the mix.)
Here's some fabulous inspiration.  A friend (thank you Lynn) gifted me a tin of luscious silk dipioni. 
 My idea was to design several stacked very colorful bird motifs but after 5 1/2 hours I gave up.  First my motifs were too large for the size of a finished piece to fit nicely in my gallery space.  Then after many size reductions, this is what I was working with.
I'm well aware of silk dipioni's tendency to fray...big time in fact!  Using the tricks I always implement to keep the edges tidy....none worked.  I love Fray Block....but this is the first time this product stained the fabric.  Back to the drawing board to come up with a new plan to utilize this beautiful fabric.


Nancy said...

Oh, I feel the pain! The time that goes into our projects (sometimes failed ones) is a lot. On a recent stitching blog, one embroiderer said they always keep a record of their time. Oh my, I'm not sure I want to know how long it takes me. I'm a "slow-stitcher" and projects can languish for a time, then inch their way to the finish line.

The Inside Stori said...

I'm okay with the loss of time....esp. since Covid has already erased any sense of time the way it is. In this case I happen to know I started at a little before 9:00 AM and when 'the husband' hollered it was time for the afternoon forced march to walk the dog it was 2:30 and I decided the experiment was over!! I work slowly too....making it go faster doesn't make for a better's done when it's done.

Bev Longford said...

I watched a program on The Quilt Show last week and the quiter featured used silk with a iron on fusible, it was a light interfacing for clothing that only had fusible on one side. Ironed with a medium heat. Haven't tried it yet but I intend trying it. Bev Longford