Monday, April 15, 2019


We had a ton of show and tell this month.....I guess everyone was still hibernating/recovering in their sewing rooms from our March PTA annual retreat!
 I had shared this link of instructions for the 'disapparing hourglass block" from Sarah's blog "Confessions of a Fabric Addict" with a couple of the more dedicated piecers in our PTA group.  Janice took up the challenge!  However she said she wasted more darn fabric because of her cutting mistakes and lots of unsewing too.....I say it was worth the effort!
 You can see, Janice is a piecer at heart.....this is another one of her new quilts.
 Marene will be an assistant at a Georgia Bonesteel workshop where students will be creating this pattern.  She's practicing with this section of the quilt that will finish at a whopping 72" square....
 Dort is an excellent illustrator with an eye for detail.  We are all enjoying how she's translated photos she took on a recent trip to France.
 These two pieces are small...less than 12"....amazing!
Georgia Bonesteel hosted our group this month. Usually we brown bag our lunch....but never at Georgia's!  She prepared a feast and provided the BEST coconut cake I've ever tasted.  And that's saying a lot...I love coconut cake which is readily available around here....apparently it's a 'southern thing'.
She's working on this "Trip Around The World" quilt which (if I got it right) will be displayed at a function at the Flat Rock, NC playhouse.

 Here's Kate's contribution (one of several she's donated) to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project  She pieced the top at our PTA retreat and quilted it on her long arm.  
Kate is a fan of the Accu Cut tool.....and often chooses the rectangle die when she wishes to show off the fabric!  These ethnic fabrics were from my friend Helen's stash.....and Kate did them justice!
 She also brought a couple of quilts she made using a men's ties from a family member.

 How clever is this....she allowed one of the ties ends to remain loose...and once opened....a pin up girl is revealed!!
 Barbara stitched together one of the charity quilt kits our Asheville Quilt Guild supplies to members that are then donated to worthy organizations.
 Barbara is nearly finished with this beauty she had been working on at our PTA retreat.  Stunning!!!


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What a wonderful virtual quilt show this morning! Tell Kate thank you!!!

Kathy said...

Talented group and great projects!

Nancy said...

Inspiration and coconut cake, too!

Linda M said...

A very productive group and that coconut cake looked divine.

Robbie said...

I always enjoy seeing these show and tells from your meetings!!!!! Awesome...and the food isn't bad either! Love coconut cake!!!!