Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This month we continued working with a variety of printing methods, mono-printing, gelli plates, silk screening.  For multiple reasons, each of us were distracted this past month, so our show and tell was very short. Judy shared her eco-printed papers, do click on the link and prepare to be awed.
 I'm continuing to develop various surface designs on felted wool to be used for my basket sale inventory.  A lovely indigo over-dyed piece of bamboo/rayon felt, that had been previously ice-dyed, was the inspiration for this simple design made using the edge of a hotel key card and acrylic paint.  I can't wait to marry the two pieces!
 This piece got a similar treatment with the addition of yellow dots created with a small firm brush.

I now have a large plastic bin filled with general supplies for our Fiber Junkies meetings...saves a lot of time each month.  In it I found a sponge and a ball of string which became a stamp.  Gen had the perfect Golden paint that echoed the color scheme of the piece of ice-dyed felted wool I'll be using to make baskets.
 At times I pressed too hard leaving more paint on the lining fabric than desired....but it was still pleasing to me.
 We celebrated Kate's 60th birthday.....which kinda got us all so distracted sneaking around setting up the table in the kitchen area while still trying to appear we were all working in the studio. It was supposed to be a surprise....we did this a month late in the hopes it would be!!  So unfortunately, I neglected taking photos of the prints everyone made that day.

We only do BIG birthdays.....and always choose an appropriate party theme for the birthday girl.  Kate enjoys spending time at Folly Beach....thus the beach theme.  
Our tradition is to have the guest of honor wear a crown and scepter.  Val (left) created the perfect duo for Kate..... 
 Gen came up with such a fun idea.....we each party favors..... a plastic bucket, shovel, & rake to dig into the 'sand' filled bowl for goodies.  Worried that sand would make too much of a mess....and given she could only find it sold in a 25# bag....she cleverly ground up a box or two of Cheerios!
 Here's the gang....L to R - Gen, Kate, Judy, Val, Denny.....I'm the photographer.
Hidden in the 'sand' bowl for Kate to find was Gen's gift to her.....Gen creates the wonderful gift tags....and lucky Kate now has some for herself.


Anonymous said...

Such fun! Love the new string and sponge stamp, too!

Nancy said...

Such a celebratory group! When you have dyed, printed, manipulated all the fabric you need to, you could go into party planning. I like your wool pieces and look forward to seeing how you use them.

Nancy said...

Oh- not wool; I see it's bamboo rayon felt? That's new to me.

The Inside Stori said...

Yes Nancy.....Bamboo Rayon felt is wonderful......needle goes through like a hot knife through butter..... It's made by National Nonwovens. My only complaint is that it is thin.....and sometimes actually tears when using stiff resists when dyeing.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I particularly like the effect you got printing with something I never would have thought of - that sponge wrapped in string. Perfect "autumn" grass effect on the green background.