Saturday, October 7, 2017


I've been surprised at just how much attention my space at Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville requires.  Happily my sales have been respectable, in part due to the steady stream of felted items being sold.
 Believe me I'm not complaining.....the 55 min. drive each way is especially pleasant at this time of the year as the leaves begin to turn their glorious colors.  My space has been restocked, tidied up and ready for tourist season.
 Kate's drive all the way from SC is much longer but worth the effort as her wall also reflects the coming season.  I absolutely love her large quilt....the machine quilting is fantastic...this piece should fly off the wall!
Judy added a number of her stunning 3-D pieces.  Using her hand-marbled and machine stitched fabric to cover canvas covered frames, she highlights them with life like silk leaves.  The image derives from real leaves, scanned into her computer and digitally printed onto the fabric....stiffened with wire to provide dimension.  Masterpieces, each and every one!


Robbie said...

both of your exhibit areas look so inviting/pleasing!!!!

Robbie said...

Even if folks don't purchase, they are lucky to your works up close!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Glad to hear the sales have picked up. Each of your spaces look enticing. I have fallen in love with Judy's 3-d leaf pieces, similar to some things I've tried but oh, those backgrounds she's made for her fall leaves! I'm going to be very surprised if these don't sell right away.

The Inside Stori said...

Oh Kathy......I definitely know how fortunate I am to have all this inspiration in my small circle.