Friday, October 13, 2017


.......Our focus this meeting was printing with gelli plates.
Since I don't own one, I brought some felted wool to mono-print. I'm using one of Judy's home-made screens....thank you Judy!  White acyrlic paint is applied through the screen with the use of a hotel key card.
I'm gearing up to make more folded felted baskets for what I hope will be brisk holiday sales at Woolworth Walk....and these leaves will be so attractive on a basket. 
 This isn't a novel's borrowed from the internet. The tongs of a fork are dipped into acyrlic paint and transferred to fabric.
 Sometimes the designs I create are used for the inside of the basket, others for the outside.....a lot depends upon what other felted wool I have to combine it with.
 A stroll out the back door of Gen's house yielded numerous interesting leaves which were painted with a gold metallic paint.....
 ......and printed onto a piece of brown felted wool.  
My attention was so devoted to what I was doing, I was remiss in getting very many photos of what everyone else was playing with. This was one of Judy's.  She was working with fabrics that had previous been printed/dyed and not to her liking.  I LOVE what she's created here....using a gelli plate and a 'crackled' stencil. 
 Kate used white fabric, printing it numerous times with paints and textured items.  It really came to life when she used Judy's chair stencil.
Gen's work station illustrates the great number of stencils everyone brings to share.
This is Kate's she layers and layers various paint colors on the gelli plate.
This is her first will be altered again with more printings and perhaps even stenciling.

We had so much's been decided we will continue working with gelli plates next month!


quiltedfabricart said...

Your group is the best! What fun! I love those white leaves -very striking.

Kathy said...

Are you sure those white leaves are destined for a basket? They would make a lovely focal point for a wall hanging! On the other hand, if baskets are selling...hello, leafy basket! Gelli printing looks like fun.

Linda M said...

The white leaves on the black are gorgeous. Looks like yet another fun gathering!

Angela said...

Sure looks like fun!