Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Combining coffee time and Show and Tell at the beginning of our gatherings is supposed to help us get into the work room more quickly.  But sometimes there is so much to go gaa gaa over!!
 Kate has had a very productive couple of weeks......this small center piece was a study from a dye workshop she attended.  Her beautiful and thoughtful machine quilting turned it into a real piece of art. I love how elevated the look became by mounting it on a chiffon covered canvas.
 AND clever.....I'd given her this piece of fabric which I'd created using molding paste designs.  Having zero idea what I could do with them.....Kate found a way by using it as a backing.
 She dug out some of her marbled fabrics made at a Fiber Junkies retreat several years ago.  Again, Kate's skill with free motion quilting brought the pieces to life.  Though the picture doesn't show it.....she added beads to the top one which added so much motion to the work.

 Denny continues creating huge Gypsy Wife quilts....which utilizes UFO blocks and scraps.  It's even more colorful and interesting in person than what I could depict in this photo.
 She also brought a pile of dyed fabrics for us to gush over. These started out with what she calls clown fabric.....previously dyed/painted etc. fabrics that were disappointments.  Over-dyeing with indigo gave her these beauties!
 I hosted quilting cruises and tours for over 10 years. For each trip I created 3-d embellished pins for the participants.  One year our trip fell over everyone got two theme based on our destination and the other one was a Halloween pin. I had access to everyone's room while all the quilters were in their cabins dressing for dinner......I donned my Halloween costume and went trick or treating...passing out candy and a pin to each.  I came across a few leftover pins the other day and had just enough for each FJ.
 Gen had this lap quilt on her was one of the many our other group - PTA Fiber Artists worked on at our last meeting.  Several members like Gen, brought kits home to make additional ones.
Gen never fails to amaze me.....honestly I swear she can make her sewing machine stand up, walk across the room, and take a bow....that is how skilled she is with the sewing machine.  Isn't this smashing??

Stay up we look at our gelli plate designs.


Kathy said...

You hang with very, very talented people!

The Inside Stori said...

Oh Kathy......I definitely know how fortunate I am to have all this inspiration in my small circle.

Jenni Mills said...

How very inspiring. I'm in the middle of a course on medical administration and don't have time to play at the moment, but your post is making me itch to get my dyes out

The Inside Stori said...

Jenni......I see you are a no comment blogger so I can't respond to you directly....just wanted to say your current commitment sounds very challenging.......there will be time for fabric dyeing....but I def. understand your 'itch'!

Robbie said...

I just saw Judy's blog too. what a great show and tell!!! Always enjoy seeing what your group has worked on and played with!!