Friday, October 7, 2016


Awhile back I blogged about an unusually challenging piece I was working on. It was one-half of a very flimsy linen/lace table cloth that I had ice-dyed.  

While the design itself came easily, implementing the hand stitching was time consuming, yet very enjoyable.  Since three of the four edges were already finished, common edge treatment such as a binding or facing wouldn't work.  Mounting on a rust colored silk noil canvas covered frame seemed like the perfect solution....unfortunately it just wasn't the right 'feel'.  You know what I mean, right??

After more thought, it was sandwiched with batting and a backing and machine quilted around the motifs.  Considerable time was spent turning a small seam allowance of the backing to meet the finished edges and hand stitching in place.  The top edge was a little trickier since two tabs were also incorporated. It now 'feels' right!!  I hope you think so too.

LUNARIA ANNUA  21" x 27.5" (as hung) 
Available here (larger photo)
Vintage linen, ice-dyed by the artist, hand embroidered and machine stitched.

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LA Paylor said...

it's lovely. Organic and perfectly displayed.

quiltedfabricart said...

Oh yes! Now it's perfect! It has a natural Eco feeling to it. Hanging with the stick is just the right finish as well. Bravo!
Sometimes things need to "sit on simmer" for a while to get it just right.

Nancy said...

This is such a calming and soothing project somehow. Nice to look at. Beautiful work. And thanks for the ice-dyeing tips- I'll use them.

Janis Doucette said...

Mary, this is beautiful! I love how you finished it off!

Linda M said...

Love it!

margaret said...

so good to see you have completed this piece it works beautifully

Kathy said...


Robbie said...

This piece turned out as beautiful as I thought it would! You did a great job incorporating all the stitching, branch/hanging...just wonderful, Mary!!!

Margaret said...

Simply elegant; perfectly lovely! What a beautiful way to preserve that vintage textile!