Wednesday, October 5, 2016


......This is the final report about our 3 day girlfriend fiber retreat on Folly Beach.  We explored 3 different dyeing methods; eco-dyeing, acid dyeing, and our old favorite: ice-dyeing.
In order to have plenty of ice on hand, we loaded a cooler in the golf cart and made an ice run.
We spotted a newly built 'little house'. It kinda looks like a tree house doesn't it?
We've ice-dyed so many times that we now have a stream lined system in place.  We bring tons of MX dyes to choose from.
Judy (always organized) has dyed & labeled fabric samples of every color which makes selecting color combinations so easy.  We'd been kinda stuck using the same combinations for quite some time. However this trip, a new (to us) color became a
One of our discoveries during our last ice-dyeing session was how much easier it was to use a window screen to hold the fabric/ice......
My talented fiber blog friend Robbie gifted me a hunk of velveteen.  Each of us got a third and each was ice-dyed in a different combo of 3 dyes.  The results were stunning!
 On our last batch we decided to try some folding methods, rather than simply scrunching our fabrics.  Kate's was a real winner!!
After the ice-dyed success of my nightgown.....Kate and Judy got ahold of two white shirts and dyed them. Aren't they adorable?  (Hopefully they won't mind that I shared this photo!!) 

I hope you enjoyed this travel log of our dye retreat......and perhaps it will encourage you to organize one with some of your best fiber buddies too.


Robbie said...

So glad the velveteen worked for you gals. It does dye up so well!!! Love the shirts!!! Such a fun group.

margaret said...

some great success here and such fun too

Nancy said...

You are all pros now! We will have an exchange of hand-dyed or colored fabric in our Fiber Art group. I've not tried ice-dyeing, so using what I've seen here, my plan is to give it a try. I found a sale mini package of Tulip tie-dye powders to use over the ice, so this will be an inexpensive trial.