Thursday, October 6, 2016


Long time followers of this blog may recall that 'the husband' is an auto race fan.....sports car racing that is.  And guess who gets dragged along?!?  
The noise is deafening....the weather is either too hot, too cold, too windy, or ________  (fill in the blank).  Why he wants me to come is beyond me since I have a tendency to whine.  But I do try to be a good sport....really I try.  People watching is fun, and look what I spotted here.....  Elan is the name of our 2nd grandson.  Grandson # 1 is already a car/truck/engine nut at the age of 4....maybe Elan will be too.
You see the most clever license plates too.....the car isn't bad either!!

.....and what do you know?!?  There are other quilter auto race widows like me too.  Mary Lee (left) lives in Ohio.....she contacted me about a week before Petit LeMans, hearing from a friend that I attend the race.  So we met up at the Porsche hospitality tent and spent the fastest hour I've ever experienced at a race chatting away about art quilts.  Now that we are acquainted, I sure hope we can meet up again.

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Robbie said...

What fun to meet up with someone at a race! Who knew! HA Well, that's at least an hour you didn't have to 'whine' funny....nice hubby wants you with him. Mine would most likely prefer I'd stay home! HA But then I wouldn't want him at a quilt show either! He he he