Friday, May 6, 2016


After nixing further work on a large string quilt, intended for our BIG stairwell wall, I decided to dig out some quilts I made back in the early days.  As you all know, I'm no longer particularly fond of piecing......though that construction method was my entry point into quiltmaking in the mid 1980's.

I truly CAN NOT believe I actually pieced this complex quilt....and hand quilted it.  My memory led me to believe that these older quilts were too small for the wall.  Apparently not!

It's still a bit wavy at the bottom after being folded for far too long, but it should hang out nicely.  The hardest part in replacing a quilt for this space is getting the wooden quilt hanger off the wall and back up!  The feet of a tall extension ladder rest on the stairway and the top leans against the wood ceiling. 

The previous quilt was removed and replaced with this Storm At Sea quilt.  "The husband" spent his career in the scaffolding business and thankfully is not afraid of heights!!

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Jennifer said...

Your quilt is gorgeous and fills the space nicely.

Robbie said...

The quilt does look so nice!!!

Marcelle said...

Wow! Looks great!

Karen @runsewfun said...

That quilt was a lot of work. It belongs there!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh my! I always meant to make this pattern but it will probably forever remain in the "never will get a round tuit" file.

It is definitely worth revisiting our early work - one DOES forget what once captured our interest or was the "gateway drug". When I moved to my current place, I suddenly had a rather large space on one livingroom wall that demanded a large quilt. Although I mostly make contemporary/art quilts these days, I don't make them that big. But I did once do a tour de force medallion quilt whose size got away from me a bit and I'd had no place for it in the first house after moving out to Idaho. Every so often I pause to reflect on the time I put into that what with choosing the fabrics, working out what pieced blocks to put in the different rounds, hand appliqueing a round and finally hand quilting it. And it has a special memory included in it - a small screen-printed panel of horses that I bought from a vendor my first trip to the AQS show in Paducah. I'd wanted some horse fabric as a souvenir of the trip (you know - the horse and Kentucky link) but none was to be found, even at Hancock's. I was thrilled to find this small piece and find a way to work it into a quilt. I'm so happy to have a place to hang this quilt again.

And I'm so happy you rediscovered your storm at sea and are giving it an airing in your stair well. It looks beautiful.

margaret said...

your quilt looks splendid hanging there, it is not a block I have tried but maybe one day I will have a go