Monday, May 9, 2016


Hurrah!  Probably just like you, I follow numerous inspirational blogs.  Occasionally the host offers a give-away drawing for readers who leave a comment on that post.  Whether or not I provide a comment is never based on the goodie, but rather it's something I wanted to say anyway.

Well.....I got lucky......Sheila at Idaho Beauty Quilts offered one of her gorgeous pad folios and my name got drawn from her bowl....see it here.

 I was excited when I learned, especially knowing how skillfully and carefully her work is crafted.  Look at this beauty!!!
 She used hand dyed fabric and coordinated the lining perfectly.  The balance of the stitched oak leaves is perfection.
In addition to its beauty....the 8"x5" notepad is just the right size to easily carry.  The little pocket on the left is an example of a well thought out project.
The back wasn't ignored either......
And her satin stitched edges rocked my boat.  This quality is not often seen.

So.....I'll bet you want to know how to get one for yourself?  Here's her padfolio  link.....these puppies are time consuming to grab them while they are in stock.


Kathy said...

Wow! Lucky you, indeed! Beautiful work.

Judy Warner said...

Beautiful work, Mary! You are really lucky. I have made portfolios myself and I know how time consuming and challenging they can be.

Robbie said...

This is a beautiful piece of work!! And lucky you to have won it! Amazing!! Good for you!!!! you'll put it to good use for sure..perfect size!

The Idaho Beauty said...

My - you all are too kind! I so appreciate the kudos though. In a world where slapdash is too often equated with just being free spirited, it is nice to know the effort I put into creating a quality product is not lost. I simply can't do slapdash! ;-) It is a joy to have picked your name, Mary. Thanks for the link to my blog as well.

margaret said...

what a lucky girl you are a wonderful win