Monday, May 16, 2016


Not long ago a former student asked whether I still had any of the leather thimbles I used to sell in class.  These are a bit hardier than ones normally available as I bought them directly from a wholesale source who manufactured hand/finger protectors for industry.

In my search for the stash I knew I still had, I also came across other items, offered here for sale before I turn to eBay.   Add a flat shipping fee of $6.80 for Priority mail (or less if sent first class) one item or however many you may purchase. Contact me by using the link on the right side bar.
Two  ONE ORIGINAL Roxanne International thimbles. 
Sorry - sold
I rarely used these thimbles since I am allergic to metal....they were mainly used demonstration purposes in my hand quilting classes.  These quality thimbles are no longer made....replaced by a cheaper, flimsy clone.   sorry - sold
I had two sizes....this slightly larger one was for those days when my fingers were slightly swollen due to heat or humidity. (This is not's the same at the one above...just photographed in a different area of the an attempt to show the size)
These are ORIGINAL Jean S. Lyle Quilting Betweens....also no longer available but the BEST darn quilting needle you'll ever find.  They are strong, yet slim, had a sharp point AND an eye that's easy to thread.  I have  6 -  0 - #10 Q (meaning betweens) and 1- #11Q that I can part with.  Each wood case contains 10 needles -  sold out
.....AND here are the leather thimbles I still LOVE.  The longer length is a bonus....after a lot of use even this leather will get small holes.  So....when they do, and the thimble is nicely stretched a bit, I rotate it so the bottom is now the top and get a whole new thimble from this simple trick.  THEN.....when the needle works its way into that side.....CUT OFF small pieces of the extended leather and position it inside the thimble.  Heck, I get many, many quilts worth of quilting on just one thimble!! 
 sold out
These are a medium size....if you have VERY large fingers they will probably be too snug. I sold these in class for probably 20 years and the majority of students had no trouble fitting them on their fingers. You want it slightly snug at first because it IS LEATHER and it will stretch a bit......

I'll update this page as items are buy one or buy it all......

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Nancy said...

The original Roxanne thimble is my absolute favorite! A quilting teacher once told me that quilters are either "side pushers" or "end pushers" when using a thimble. I'm a side pusher and this thimble is perfect- nice weight, nice fit, comfortable. And I began quilting using the leather ones you show in the photos. But once I discovered the Roxanne model, that became my go-to. And I bought a second one because I was so fearful of losing the first thimble!

Arlene Adams said...

Mary -

I cannot seem to contact you by email; I would like to purchase three of the leather thimbles and one of the needle cases w/needles.
Thanks, Arlene Adams

Robbie said...

I still have my leather thimble! OMG..forgot all about it! I just use the John James metal one (it's also a magnet) that I love...I might have to try the leather one again!!!! -