Sunday, May 1, 2016


Awhile back I blogged about a string quilt I started to add to the rotation of quilts that are displayed on a large stairwell wall.  I'm no longer really interested in doing patchwork and my vision for how this would finish was not in line with reality. So my enthuasiam quickly disappeared.
 After much musing, I added narrow white sashing strips between the blocks. BUT because the string piecing was done on a muslin foundation, the resulting seams were very untidy due to the bulk.  In the went to our dog....really it did.  She sneaks up on our denim couch when we aren't around so this quilt now protects it.
 I had 13 blocks leftover.  So...maybe they could be a table runner?  Placemats? Nah....  Instead I made a few more blocks to make a donation lap quilt.  I kinda liked this look....but when I thought about the piecing...where one color would replace another, it seemed awkward.
Instead (and to increase the size of the quilt), I added 2" finished sashing strips with "corner stones".  Surely this will brighten someone's day.

I have so many art quilt ideas stacked's time to direct my energies elsewhere!!


Windy Hill Happenings said...

It's a beautiful piece and the red sashing adds so much!!

helenek said...

What a coincidence, I am making the same pattern and feel just the same way as I'm working on my quilt!

margaret said...

one lucky dog you have there and the left overs have made another quilt the red works so well as sashing