Friday, March 18, 2016


Mother nature has continued to surprise us with wonderful summer like weather in early spring.  Seveal weeks ago we headed out to explore Horseshoe Mountain....only we couldn't find it.  
 Yup, this huge mountain nearly at tree line level was not to be found on our first attempt. With more investigation....we learned we had actually been on the correct road....which we mistook for a bad cattle trail and after fearing the car would bottom out....we turned around.

This time we approached from a different direction...the iPhone photos I took are imprinted with "Nantahala National Forest".....but we are unsure whether this is actually on national forest land or not as the trees along the road were blazed with purple paint. (a new marking system in NC to indicate 'no trespassing.)

Sadly, and way too typical for NC, the graffiti and litter reduced the experience.
 The view was stunning and it would have been fun to hike the area if we had walking sticks. The road/path was steep and filled with huge ruts and rocks. 
These interesting shallow holes almost looked like animal tracks but the curosity was spoiled by the blue graffiti  I'm continually stunned how folks living this beautiful part of the country treat its natural beauty with such distain.

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