Monday, March 21, 2016

INTO THE NIGHT - Patchwork lap quilt

A couple of hours here and there....and this patchwork 'couch quilt' came together quite quickly.  The unusual color combination was inspired by the decorating scheme of my niece.....lots of blacks with touches of plum and lime green.

I tried for way too long to get a good photo of it....and it's just not happening. The purples come out pink and the lime greens = yellow.  However, in person it's surprisingly attractive.

Sometimes this is just the kind of project one needs.....and it's a stash buster too!
INTO THE NIGHT  48" X 66"  MARY STORI © 2016


Nancy said...

It's really nice, and the pattern so versatile as you've demonstrated!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love it - and as I think I mentioned before, you got the balance of fabrics just right. You'll be happy to know that with your coaching of the true colors, on my screen the purples and greens look pretty much purple and green - especially around the edges where the lighting is less bright. A very nice couch quilt!

margaret said...

loving this, my granddaughter is in to black and purple at the moment she would love this