Thursday, March 24, 2016


OH YIKES!!!  Activity across the street caught my eye late today.....yup....a fire racing up along the creek.  This is the time of year where the locals go out and burn the brush along the roadsides and fields. Why??  I never understood that....
Obviously.....this one got away from the fellow....way away I might add!!  We only have a volunteer fire department here....which is far enough away that we are penalized on our homeowners insurance.  And given that there are no fire hydrants.....we get another dig on our insurance premiums.  Fortunately there is a robust creek which provided the water for the firemen to put it out.

Their response time has never really been tested for our community in the 10 years we've lived here......this had a happy and swift end.


Jo Vandermey said...

My parents are farmers of tree fruits here in southern Ontario Canada. The will have brush fires of the old diseased wood in the spring. The have a permit to do so and are very careful of when to light it and monitor it.
The one I remember getting away was not my dads but a neighbor who lit his huge over grown pile in a heavy wind. The fire jumped to the grass and raced over ground to the vineyard. My dad brother and two workers had to beat the fire down while the fire department came. The fire men fought the fire the same way. They did not put their hoses in because the higher up was not there yet to give permission. There was a creek right on the property. I never understood why the neighbor lit the fire that day but certainly didn't understand why the fire department did not bring out the hoses. I remember an exhausted parent and anyone could have been injured. The loss of vines would have been bad if they had not got the fire out but the human factor should have been worse.

This was many years ago when I was a teen. But the memory is still quite vivid.


Nancy said...

Yikes- the brush must be so dry. There are a lot of "controlled burns" in our area, too. We live near Ocala National Forest among other state or federal lands. And they do occasionally become more than intended, though not often. The methods used seem to work to contain them. Glad this one was put out quickly.

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you Jo and Nancy for your insights.......we were certainly fortunate that the fire didn't get too much farther out of control......reminds us to think twice when tackling any tasks like this!

Robbie said...

Fire and floods...just makes me so afraid...and so sad for the folks that are impacted by either.