Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This Fiber Junkies meeting was very special.....all three of our absent members were able to come. Val, who is back from her winter stint in FL stayed the whole day. Unfortunately, both Gen and Denny's time with us was shorter than we wished but we were so happy to have them there.  Both have been coping with major family matters so we are all hopeful that the group will be back in full force soon.

  In fact, we are planning on it for our April meeting where we will be playing with this product that Denny got for us.
It will be used as a declourant to create an interesting background such as this one that Kate made.
We've been using the last couple of meetings to help each other formulate plans for some unfinished work. I haven't touched the blue string pieced blocks I started at our PTA retreat because I am unhappy with their overall dull appearance.  Kate had suggested adding white to help it pop, which led me to considering sashing each block with white.  

When I brought them to Judy's to audition on her large design wall, suggestions began to fly.  Some thought altering the size of the sashing would be a good way to go, others suggested adding various colors might give it a fresher look.  I'm still not certain what I'll do but have decided to finish making the remaining 40 some blocks and then revisit the setting options.
 Now that I no longer travel-teach on the quilting highway, I've eliminated all my teaching samples by re-purposing or passing them along to others who can use them.  Judy is doing the same thing.  Here's one of her beautiful machine work samples.  It will be fun to see how she uses it.
This piece was a sample from her stamping class, esp. charming as her students signed it.  
 Denny's purging of her amazingly awesome studio continues. You really can't believe how fantastic it was.  However, a current family situation requires it be used in another way.  The Fiber Junkies are beneficiaries of her vast collections of 'everything'.  Bins of ribbons/trims were just some of the treasures we were able to pick from this meeting.  Any remaining items will be donated to a preschool to be used for art projects. close......Here's our Gen.....who forgot for a time that she had trim on her head!!  It's great to have such good friends and heart-warming to know how we are all pulling together during these difficult times.


Nancy said...

So much stimulation and creative ideas from your group! Do hope for better times for the members who are struggling, and that you'll be able to get together full strength again soon.

Linda M said...

I'm in catchup mode in regards to blog reading, you've been busy and the Fiber Junkies meeting looks as wonderful as ever.

Robbie said...

As you've said to me, Gal pals are so wonderful to have and if they are 'fiber pals' even better!

margaret said...

sounds like april will be good gathering, nice for all of you to be able to make it and I am sure you will have a great time, liking the idea of more colour on your blocks wonder what you will decide on. Happy Easter to you