Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I have such a love/hate relationship with technology.  I go from being afraid to press a key (for instance when using photo editing programs) to slamming every single one out of pure frustration.

I'm still struggling to fix the mess that developed when I upgraded my 8 year old desk top Mac....nothing is where I want it and I can't open ANY of my zillion word processing files!!!  This 'designed obsolesence' makes furious!! 

However, as I'm dragged, kicking and screaming toward new products....sometimes there's a "how did I live without this moment'.

I now use these Bluetooth wireless ear buds during our daily appx. 90 min. 'forced march' (otherwise known as a morning walk, except ours has four 1,000 foot elevation changes). Being tethered to ear buds with long cords is such a nuisance....and since I often wear them while cooking/cleaning.....they get in the way.  

There are numerous brands on the market....these ran around $30.  The battery lasts for about 4-5 hours...depending upon what you are listening to.  It can be recharged using the black USB 'gagetity' thing you see here.  Mine can link with two devices...my iphone and my iPad. Though switching between them is not always seamless.....esp. if both devices have Bluetooth connected AND they are near each other.  There's quite a selection to choose from online....ours came from Amazon.com (where we order just about everything, including dog food!). 

I've been thrilled with them because due to issues I have with my inner ears, I'm unable to wear noise canceling wireless headphones.....which would be my preferred choice on airplanes or in the car on long trips.  

Oh yes......this is a good step forward!!


Nancy said...

Interesting- I have the same relationship with tech stuff. But I've been considering these- that cord inavariably gets wrapped around something. Think I'll try them.

margaret said...

d hope you get the computer sorted soon, I had a free upgrade to windows 10 a few days ago and now struggling, it seems to have slowed the computer down, it now takes ages to open up.
Very good with your exercise, afraid I am not one that exercises.I do have a gadget which I listen to on the buse etc, usually Chris de Burgh but it also has a radio but that tends to break up a lot. Happy walking!