Sunday, August 2, 2015


Because I'm trying very hard to pace myself, as my old worn out body tries to stitching projects are not zooming out of the studio very quickly as in the past.

However, I am making progress on the Oregon theme wall quilt.  About a dozen more pine trees have been cut to fill the space in front of Mt. Hood and once the hand applique of the tree trunks is complete, I'll begin auditioning fabrics for the branches.

I'm sure there will be more details......but in my new "one day at a time' pace.....all that will come later.  It feels very good to be touching fabric again!!


Robbie said...

It's coming along wonderfully....just hope you will be as well!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh my goodness! This is coming along really well. I think you under-rate your abilities to work through the design of such a piece. I'm seeing perspective, not a flat piece. Like how you are introducing the trees, both big and small. Onward - at whatever pace works!

margaret said...

this is progressing so well, do hope you are back to feeling fully fit soon

Maggi said...

Love the way the trees are going.