Friday, August 7, 2015


I've had more than my share of hotel stays...and long time readers know I am an admitted hotel snob.  Noooooo, I don't expect to stay in 5 Star accommodations, however after many o'years of traveling the quilting highway, where (understandably) quilt guilds and even some conferences/symposiums select where an instructor stayed....I could tell you some hair raising stories.

Even nicer places can have their issues, which can drive someone like me who has major sleeping problems, well....crazy.  Things like dripping water faucets, a toilet that never stops emptying and refilling, bottom sheets that won't stay on the mattress, a coffee maker without coffee, and the dreaded hair dryer that is missing or not in working order.  AND GET THIS!!!  The alarm clock that some prankster set to go off at 3:00 AM!!!!

Long ago I got into a routine of doing a cursory check before I settled into a room.  I KNOW how crazy that sounds, but honestly it became fun.   I doubled checked on details like those mentioned above and made a room change if necessary.  There's nothing worse than standing with wet hair - no hair dryer and your deadline to get to the classroom approaches!  You get the idea.

Soon I developed a notebook rating system, like you might see for a movie or restaurant.  Based on 5 Stars...but I used icons for each subject instead.   At one event, I remember Ami Simms (I think it was Ami anyway) howling with laughter when she saw what I was doing.

For instance, quality of the TV = 1-5 rabbit ears📺 and taste of the coffee = 1-5 ☕️.  White gloves for cleanliness, and these: 🚽.   🚿.  One of my favorites was a 'bed pillow' rate the bed and quality and number of pillows.   I LOVE to make a nest of pillows when I sleep (or not sleep on those many restless nights I have).  I was in heaven last night with 5 pillows in my hotel.    

I no longer use that old notebook but can smile thinking about it.  It made me appreciate the special accommodations and laugh at the pitiful ones!

I can hardly believe I used to camp.....even tent camp on long bicycle days of porta potties, no running water, heck no ice maker are totally in the past.  There will not ever be any dorm stays in my future, no Motel Six, or to be honest....lower on the hotel chain than a Hampton Inn.....

What about you?  Hopefully, I'm not the only fussy one out and about?!?

PS - I have 4 bed pillows in my new location tonight and spied two more in the closet...ahhhhhh.


Kathy said...

I am NOT a hotel snob and am bothered by most of the same things. I just never think to check for them ahead of time! Maybe I'll start checking now and will proactivelly prevent some of those irritations. Thanks for the "pro" tips---NOT snobbish at all!

Nancy said...

Ha- yes, I'm a bit of a hotel snob, too. Good idea to do the room check on arrival. I'd forgotten about the alarm clock thing, but need to resume checking that. Had one go off in the wee hours years ago, and it was not pleasant. Pillows are important to me, too. Like Goldilocks- not too soft, not too hard, just right please. We tend to find the Hilton/Hamton and Doubletree chain is pretty consistently good, and the breakfast is a plus.

Anonymous said...

It's Mary here.....we try to stick with a Hilton brand whenever possible.....though the reward points are far less than they used to be and using them takes far, far more. Such is life!

Val said...

We have enough into many of these things on our travels and always stay at Hampton Inns. I like knowing what the quality will be.

Marybeth said...

5 pillows?? That is a lot of "pillowing" in one room, says she who likes the 3 pillow "u" shape layout. We stick to Super 8 when possible...haven't had a bad one yet.