Tuesday, February 10, 2015


 My stash has numerous smallish pieces of deconstructed screen printed wool (dress quality material that wouldn't felt, but shrunk sufficiently to be sturdy enough to work with.)
 This design was created using a 'stone' pattern kitchen sink mat as the resist and screened with two colors of thickened dye.
 I've talked about this many times....but in case you are a new reader.....I always stabilize my wool felt prior to stitching.  Pellon Lightweight Sew-In Interfacing is my first choice.  Here I've marked two sets of guidelines that will help with the design placement for this piece that will be mounted on a 5" x 7" canvas covered wood frame.
Fast forward a bit.....I've attached a beautiful fused glass cabochon with beads, (a gift from my generous friend Nanette who is a fabulous fiber artist).  Due to the small size of this piece, only simple hand embroidery was added to provide texture.  
An overview:  the screened portion is appx. 15" sq.  I've retained the surrounding wool to make it easier to secure in a QSnap frame for the handwork.

Further embellishing is going to be done on the cabochon, so until that's complete, I'll hold off adding any other motifs.


Nancy said...

A kitchen sink mat- you raid your kitchen for the best art supplies! That stone is just lovely and is a good accent with your wool background. Look forward to seeing the completed piece.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Another cabachon - yeah! Beautiful & I love what you do with them.

Robbie said...

The texture look really is quite nice on this piece. Nice to provide us step by step! I love seeing the whole process on your work(s)!