Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WARNING - NOT FIBER RELATED's another fill in post as none of my fiber projects are at a point I can yack about at the moment. on or not.....this is another part of my life...(hummmm whether I like it or not....)  'the husband' has a passion for a specific type of car racing.  He doesn't race himself...but follows closely. 

 We've gone to the Rolex 24 Hour Race for probably 14 years in a row......learning the tricks of how to get a good parking place in the Porsche Paddock has helped ME to be more comfortable.  Did I say this race was 24 hours?  So when it gets dark and cold.....I can sit in the car.....even if that means we have to arrive no later than 6:15 AM!!  Thankfully, we do not spend the night in the car.....but I can admit I'd like to go back to the hotel for the night sooner than 'the husband'.
We follow Porsche racing teams and were disappointed to see one of our favorite drivers, Patrick Long (an American....unusual in this sport) standing alongside his car in the garage during the race.  Though the photo doesn't quite show felt like being at a wake......clearly the mechanical issues were big and likelihood of returning to the race were small.

Fiber process coming real soon.....tx's for sticking with me.

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Robbie said...

I always enjoy seeing your fiber work and your non-fiber work!!!