Saturday, February 28, 2015


Thank you very much for your positive feedback on this current project. Though my first instinct is always handwork and or beading.....for some crazy reason I actually thought if I took my time, some clean straight line quilting would best suit this piece.

Geesh.......I really, really dislike machine quilting!  Not the look of it....the process of doing it.  #1's not a skill I've conquered or frankly, even tried to.  #2. My back kills me sitting at the machine. #3. No matter how many different strengths of glasses I wear, I can not see well. #4. AND of course my impatience during this task is a huge negative. 

I make mistakes faster and it takes longer to remove them....I should just stick with the end it'd probably even out in time.  Sorry....I'm venting.....

After now spending more than 2 full days machine quilting....I'm not happy with the quality of my workmanship......But done is done.  The outer border is next and figuring out what to do on the pine needles sections. 

However, I do like the quilt (and will surely like it more once it's done....isn't that always the way???)  So, of course I'll carry on and post a final view soon.


Nancy said...

The results are certainly lovely, but I'm so with you about machine quilting. There is a huge learning curve to get good, and I'm not a big enough fan of doing it to want to spend the time getting good. And yet- I don't mind doing smallish projects. So it's a mixed bag for me.

Robbie said...

Obviously, I'm way behind in reading blogs...I love this piece!!!!! So nice!!! And I think the straight line stitching by machine is perfect for it!!!!