Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Another day we played with wet felting flat pieces using both wool roving and prefelt batting.  Because the batting is thick to start with, the process of developing the layers of wool goes a bit faster.
 I decided to try to create a scenic composition, starting with a base of yellow and blue prefelt batting.  Those layers were topped with various colors of wool roving.
 It's clear the roving strips should have been much narrower.  As you can see, even in this beginning stage of the felting process......it's spreading out way too much.
 This is what I ended up with.   It's about 9" x 11".  For sure I'm going to see if I can rescue it by doing some needle felting, embroidery, and beading.  
 I think this was Sue's....her first try and I love it.

We had a guest join us one day - a neighbor of Nan's who jumped right in and created this fun piece.
Another drying outside with rocks holding it down may have been made by Nan.
 Nan was able to keep some interesting texture on this one during the felting process.


Nancy said...

The fun continues. Love those little cacti she worked in! What a colorful and satisfying project.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Rescue? Don't you mean enhance? That little piece doesn't look to need rescuing to me. I'm impressed!

Marilyn Nelson said...

It looks like a lot of fun Mary. I'm jealous!

Marilyn Nelson said...

It looks like fun Mary! I'm jealous.