Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It was a relief to have such an easy travel day....Lady Bug Program Chair Erin scooped me up and had us on the way to Delaware shortly after landing in Baltimore.
 She thoughtfully suggested having an early dinner along the way....allowing me some flavor of the area.  We stopped at Tide Water Restaurant....city??  NO clue...sorry.
The weather cooperated perfectly for us to dine outdoors with a view of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay....words I'd only heard of but never experienced.  It was the first of many meals featuring local crab.....yummm...

Before the guild meeting last night,  I was treated to dinner at another charming eatery in Newark, DE......more crab......and the company of numerous guild members.  Always a pleasure to chat with quilters in a relaxed location.

 Many of my quilts have been finding new homes as I slowly retire from travel teaching.......here's Margaret with her new purchase.
 Shelly surprised me by taking two home.......  I'm so delighted these pieces will be loved and appreciated.
Sometimes when a piece sells you have a oh, oh moment......this was one of my favorites....but seeing her happy smiling face holding the quilt....I know she'll take good care of it.

I was very touched hearing about Shelly's guild charity project. It nearly got a standing ovation....I'll be blogging about it as soon as I get the specific links/details to share.

Bye for now.... 


Robbie said...

It is a good feeling to know your work will be in good homes and appreciated!!! Lovely pieces!!! And the food looked wonderful...I love crab!!!

margaret said...

I am sure your mini quilts will be well loved. Food looks tempting, would you believe I have never had crab apart from crab paste not had lobster either such a sheltered life I lead!