Thursday, September 25, 2014


In reference to your quilting supplies or projects, do you ever get asked, "What are you going to do with that?"  I want to screammmmmmm  "it doesn't matter" is making me happy!!!

Often after our Fiber Junkies monthly meetings, the results of our play day are interesting, yet I have no clue what to do with them. I care.....nope!!  I loved every minute of the day with the girls whether or not a masterpiece or an immediate use is the outcome.

Denny and Kate went the extra mile this month by preparing pre-quilted fabric for us to work on, as well as testing various methods ahead of time.  Denny saves everything, wisely even the trimmed sections of quilted pieces.  She stitched units together and brought a pile for our use.
 Kate does a lot of testing and warming up when she machine quilts.  These pieces were serged for us to use.....what great pals!!! 
 Here's a piece Denny and Kate prepared....they coated the surface with a variety of mediums.....thinned glue, matte medium, acrylic paint, etc.  The conclusion was that latex house paint...yes house paint, did the best job of sealing the preparation for the next step.
This small piece was a sample for my hand stipple quilting & trapunto workshop.  However, for the sake of was machine quilted.  It's an example of how outlining a motif with contrasting thread can really make the image pop (outlined on the left, not on the right).
This is the back side of that piece.....despite stating clearly on my workshop supply bring SOLID fabric....not mottled.....each and every class.....someone didn't read or believe it.  It's very evident here how poorly the motifs appear on this type of fabric.
Okay....back on subject.....we began by laying a thin layer of latex house paint on pre-quilted fabric.  The idea is to have a foundation of paint that seals the fibers to enable further paint layers from soaking into the fabric.  
The paint layers are added with foam rollers, foam brushes, & textured many or as few as you please.  Further interest can be added by stamping or drawing with paint brushes.
I lost count of how many layers and dabs of paint I put on this piece.....but it was certainly many, many.  Finally, I was happy with it.  Eventually, a purpose will develop.

Stay tuned.....there's more to come.....


Kathy said...

I'm starting to think you and the Fiber Junkies are reading my mind! You are doing exactly what I'm wanting to play with next. Your experiments will surely help me out. Looking forward to seeing more results of the fun day!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Super neat and looks like it was a whole lot of fun. Loved your: "it doesn't matter what I do with it .... it makes me happy!"

Robbie said...

I love this fact, it's how I did my upcoming challenge piece for Around the World blog! You'll see it on Oct. 1st...I finished last month but can't post yet. Love your piece! I've never done more than one coat but I did go back and hand paint areas. Thanks for that thought/technique!

Nancy said...

Oh my, I like this! House paint of all things. Has it been a month already since your last get together? Time flies. And how generous for them to prepare the quilted pieces for the experimentation.

sonja said...

when asked long did that take ... another similar question with no real answer IMHO,
"i have absolutely no idea but i had a great time while making it !"

great technique. i over painted a piece recently that then turned into a shoulder bag. ideas come as we work and then we can see what we were thinking!